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    Ever since having a baby and working a desk job I’ve been trying to get into better shape- lose 10 lbs and tighten my waist line. I tried running, cycling, joined several gyms, had a trainer and tried all sorts of diets but all to no avail! I’d see no results and get bored. After just a couple of months coming to Sound CrossFit (now Sound Strength & Conditioning), I (and others) can visibly see a difference- It’s so exciting! Even after a busy day in the office and with a busy evening still ahead I’m always motivated to go because it’s so much fun, challenging and really friendly. The instructors do a great job of making new members feel welcome and part of the team and they give one on one attention to ensure you’re doing the correct technique. I love that I’m eventually getting healthier and making new friends at the same time!

  • Personal Training Seattle

    SoundCrossFit gave me the confidence and clear instructions to be able to start Crossfit, something I never thought I’d be doing. I had tried starting at another larger box, and I was so overwhelmed and confused I wanted to quit almost immediately. With small class sizes and a tight-knit community, SoundCrossFit drew me in. I’ve been having an awesome time and getting stronger month after month! I quickly reached my original fitness goals (which I thought were already ambitious), so I keep setting new ones. SoundCrossFit keeps pushing me and keeps me motivated, and I learn new things every time I go. You can quote me on that.

  • Personal Training Seattle

    I had been doing CrossFit for 5 years, at two different Seattle CrossFit “box’s” before coming to Sound CrossFit.  I love the variety and group training aspect of CrossFit, and it’s so much more fun than slogging away on a treadmill or in a standard gym fitness class.  Among the local box’s there is a tremendous variety in experience, coaching oversight, accessibility to newbies, and safety.  Sound CrossFit’s (now Sound Strength & Conditioning) small size is its strength:  With only 8 people in the class at a time, everyone gets unparalleled coaching and supervision.  At other box’s, there can be dozens of people in a class at the same time.  The coaches know about all of my injuries (sustained before starting CrossFit), my limitations, and how to encourage and nudge me along.  With the small class size of varying ages and abilities, everyone knows each other, and if there’s a new face, that person is made to feel welcome immediately.  It never feels cliquey.  The convenient location is what brought me through Sound’s door, but it is the community and the commitment to quality instruction that keeps me there.

  • Personal Training Seattle

    This morning I finally hit a weight goal I’ve had since 2007 (I know!) down to 145lb.  I know this is because of Sound Crossfit, so thanks again for starting such a great place for all of us:)  I’m also much stronger than when I started in January, which I am loving!

  • Personal Training Seattle

    When I first came to Sound Crossfit (now Sound Strength & Conditioning)  it was at Ben and Molly's urging and I had serious doubts. I’ve never seen myself as an athlete, I had just had my 68th birthday and felt too old for it and I was quite sure I’d get hurt. Now, I’ve been coming 2X a week for over a year, have started taking tennis lessons as well as Jess’s yoga class and am probably stronger than I’ve ever been.

    What a gift it is to so many people to have a welcoming place where people of all ages, sizes, body shapes, fitness levels can come together safely and become more fit. Your idea of a Crossfit Light class is a resounding success and I just wanted you to know how very much I appreciate it.

  • Personal Training Seattle

    Hi Liz, just wanted to add to your success story list. I ran a half marathon yesterday and came in first place for my age group (35-39), fifth for overall ladies and 50 out of 542 runners. This is a personal record time for me ( I have run dozens of halfs) and recovery has been a breeze thanks to the workouts at gym!! It was amazing how when things got tough during the race I could pull on all my experience at the gym and know that I could push myself to make it happen.

  • Personal Training Seattle

    I am so happy I found SoundCrossFit. I love working out with others and having solid coaches who push us but are sure to keep us safe. I had always wanted to do more lifting but was scared to try it at the gym. Here I've been supported and coached along the way and now I'm stronger than I've ever been! It's really a great Crossfit box!

    Lea W.
  • Personal Training Seattle

    Tremendous trainers and a great sense of community.

    Bruce B.
  • Personal Training Seattle

    Staff are excellent, location is perfect. I have seen significant gains in strength and balance. Thanks, coaches!

    Sally K.


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