Plans & Pricing

Monthly Memberships

These memberships include all Strength and Conditioning classes, SWEAT classes, Olympic Weightlifting, Yoga , Strength Training for Runners and Strength Bias classes

8 classes in 30 days: 130 + tax
12 classes in 30 days: 160 +tax
Unlimited classes in 30 days: 190 + tax

Pricing for Individual Programs

  • Yoga 10 class punch card for $100.

A few notes about pricing:

  • All prices are plus tax
  • Classes are paid for via automatic creditcard charge monthly.
  • To make a change or cancel your membership, please notify us at least 5 days prior to the following month. Example: to change the number of classes or cancel membership for July, email or call by June 25.


  • Pay in Advance Discounts: You have the option to pay 3 months at a time and receive 10% off the total or pay for 6 months at a time and receive 15% off the total
  • Family rates: the second member of the family receives a 10% discount, the third member of the family receives a 15% discount and each member after that receives a 20% discount.
  • No refunds on prepayment.
  • Discounts cannot be combined.

Sound Strength & Conditioning Terms

Sound Strength & Conditioning is a small class facility that needs to work on a reservation basis. While this may take management on your part, we believe that the benefit of our small classes and personalized instruction outweighs any inconvenience and helps us to build a tight knit community.

When you purchase your membership, you purchase a number of classes either for one month or for 3 months or 6 months for a discounted fee.  The memberships and classes do not roll over into the next month.

You need to use those classes within the designated period.  If you are going on vacation or are out for for an extended period of time, you can send Liz an email ( and we will put your membership on hold.  This needs to be done one week in advance.  There will be not be any postdating holds.

The memberships automatically renew as you originally set them up.  This is to enable you to make reservations into the future.  You will be charged for your new membership on your renewal date.  If you need to change anything, you need to send Liz ( an email a week in advance so your membership can be changed.

You have until 2 hours before a class begins to take your name off of the roster.  If you are a no show, you lose the class.

Please be on time.  We start class exactly on time and plan on using most of our 60 minutes with you and your fellow athletes.