About Nutrition

At Sound Strength & Conditioning we believe the foods we choose to eat have an impact on our health and our performance.  We know that if you clean up your diet, you will feel better.  You will have more energy, an improved body composition and better athletic performance.  We also understand that change is hard.  At Sound Strength, you do not have to do it alone.  We offer multiple programs to support you in making positive nutritional changes.

1. Four Week Individual, Couple or Family Intensive Program ($300 per Individual, $500 per couple, $550 per family

  • Customized nutrition plan tailored to your specific goals
  • Weekly accountability check-in
  • Weekly mini-goal setting
  • Address road blocks as they come up
  • Recipes provided per individual needs

2. Six Week Small Group Kickstart Program ($175 per person, minimum 3 people, maximum 6 people)

  • General weight-loss nutrition plan for group
  • Two group meetings – Initial and half-way through
  • Weekly emails with recipes and tips for success
  • Weekly accountability via email

3. Gym-Wide Challenges (offered periodically)

  • Contact us for details on the next gym-wide challenge

Email with any questions!