About Us


Our Mission

Sound Strength and Conditioning improves the physical and mental wellbeing of our members, to lead them to greater life enjoyment and longevity. This is achieved by programming progressive physical training and providing Nutritional Guidance within a fun and community based environment.

Our Story

We opened our first gym as SoundCrossFit in the Bryant neighborhood of NE Seattle in 2012. We were fortunate to be quickly embraced by the neighborhood and reached capacity at peak times within a few months. In 2013, we opened our second gym in Bryant as Sound Strength and Conditioning to offer additional classes on the half hour during peak times. This space also allowed us to add yoga and more personal training to our roster.

As time progressed, we realized that our members wanted to use their fitness to try new disciplines, rounding out their fitness and providing some novelty in the routine. In 2014, we introduced specialty classes such as Olympic weight lifting, ski conditioning and yoga. Some of these classes were seasonal and some stayed on the schedule year-round.

Sound Strength and Conditioning is Unique

  • We are a progressive strength and conditioning program. Given a consistent attendance, our clients are stronger both in their musculature and in their cardiovascular systems with our program. This helps them in their sport of choice as well as in everyday life.
  • We have assembled an expert group of coaches. They are all excellent as general strength and conditioning trainers but each has a specialty as well. Clients can explore disciplines such as running, Olympic weightlifting, yoga and mobility. Either seasonally or scheduled year-round, these disciplines will be represented with dedicated classes.
  • We cap most of our classes at 8 athletes. One coach is assigned to the eight athletes and provides instruction from warm up through the workout.
  • We are local. We are a Seattle business, and our workouts come from us and are a reflection of our clients’ abilities, progression and goals.
  • We are a community… really. Our coaches will get to know you and how to motivate you. You will also form relationships with your fellow athletes.

And lastly…

We get that you are busy. You have careers, families, and responsibilities that all take time. We respect that and the strength that it takes to be successful in today’s fast-paced world.

You know that you should exercise because it is good for you, makes you feel better, and improves longevity. But it can be hard to put a program together by yourself that will get results in a reasonable amount of time.

At Sound Strength and Conditioning, you can leave the guesswork to us. If you just show up, ready to work for one hour, we will guide you through workouts which are both challenging and fun and will help you achieve your desired results.