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Mitch Adams

My name is Mitch Adams and I’ve been coaching for 4 years. My certifications include: USAW Lv.1, and USAW Lv.2, CFLV1. I also function as a club level coach, a youth strength and conditioning coach, and have taught a variety of weightlifting courses throughout my career in order to expose athletes to Olympic weightlifting and proper lifting technique.

My true passion is weightlifting- I eat, drink, and breathe it. As a result, I have trained and programmed for competition teams who compete in local crossfit competitions and weightlifting meets. I really enjoy helping people push themselves to become stronger versions of themselves and I am constantly researching and studying new ways to teach my clients. I believe a good coach is never done learning.

When I’m not coaching, you can find me lifting weights, cooking, writing programming for one of the other gyms I work for, or sitting on the couch watching Netflix with my girlfriend.

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