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Juliana Friederich

Juliana Friederich has been training and coaching since 2006, when she graduated from the University of New Mexico with a B.S. in Exercise Science. She is an ACSM and Crossfit certified personal trainer and has been coaching volleyball and track for Mercer Island High School since 2010. After spending 5 years splitting her time between training at the UW IMA building, her private training business, and coaching she wanted to spend more time training and less time driving. Since then, she has found a great home at Sound Strength & Conditioning and loves working with clients in the small group setting as well as individually. She relishes the opportunity to work with so many fantastic trainers and clients! Having played sports her whole life, Juli greatly enjoys working with athletes. She specializes in plyometrics and movements requiring agility and fast twitch muscle fiber recruitment, as her athletic experience includes many of the sports requiring this type of training soccer, tennis, volleyball, and sprinting. Juli also has experience in the rehab setting, having worked in a physical therapy clinic for almost 2 years as well as rehabbing personal ankle and shoulder injuries. This greatly informs her training and conditioning philosophy and programming and she feels that part of the importance of fitness lies in the ability to help prevent injury as well as increase performance by improving balance, coordination, strength, and physical literacy. Juli continues to stay active playing competitive beach volleyball, weightlifting, running and hiking.

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